National healthcare experts agree – consumerism’s anticipated savings will only materialize
if employees become better educated and are able to make better informed decisions about their health care.

JA Counter’s employee benefit specialists interact with your employees and insurance carriers on a daily basis – and they know how to get answers to questions with professionalism in a timely manner.

If you have questions regarding compliance changes, group employee benefits, or the Affordable Care Act please contact our New Richmond, Wisconsin office at (715) 246-3811. 

What Makes Us Unique:


Wellness Counts

Turnkey employee wellness program.


Compliance Counts

Compliance audits and resources to make sure your benefits package is legal.


HR Counts

Help when there is no HR to manage the benefits package or answer those tough HR related issues.


Benefits Admin Counts

Let us manage all aspects of your employee benefits package.


COBRA Counts

Let us manage all aspects for your COBRA administration.


Transition Counts

Let us educate your employees regarding their options for continuing/securing benefits beyond their termination with your company.

Benchmarking Survey

Local and national employee benefit plan benchmarking statistics and information.

Client Survey Results

Process to routinely measure our client satisfaction with our services.

Strategic Planning

Innovative and creative fund techniques, plan analysis, and strategic planning to address future needs of the plan and the company.