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Reacting to Change

Over the past several years, with the introduction of health care reform, came intense change to your world and ours. Staying compliant, preparing for audits and keeping up with ever-changing regulations brought new challenges for employers. Many employers turned to their benefit broker/consultant partner to help. As a consultant involved in the changes I watched how it has impacted our agency and our clients. It begs the question; how are you keeping up?

JA Counter belongs to a national organization compiled of a group of consultants across the country who share resources, intellectual capital and so much more to help us stay in front of change, advise clients and secure the relevancy of our agency. That relationship has proven rewarding for over 10 years. With increasing responsibilities, we continued to adjust and recently were one of the founding partners of Alera Group, enhancing our capabilities even further. We realized it would be difficult to exceed the expectations of our clients as a single, independent firm. With the constant need and desire to adjust and grow, it only made sense to better serve our clients by having enhanced resources.

I question how we would adequately be servicing clients had we not embraced change. The most successful and strategic clients of all sizes have adjusted internally to rely on additional technology solutions, engaged in compliance preparation and invested in proactive plan management using data analytics platforms.

As time continues, the involvement and role the broker/consultant plays in the employer partnership will continue to evolve. Only time will tell, but I can say relationships are changing and everyone is reacting whether they realize it, or not.

Embrace the change.