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Employee Engagement in 2017

January is the time of year that many businesses kick-off their new strategic plans. One of the goals that many employers share this year is increasing employee engagement. Creating an awareness around how much the employer values their employees requires ongoing communication from several different media platforms including verbal, visual, and nonverbal. Sometimes it’s not about what you say it is about what you do and how you act that employees listen to the most.

If you are looking for a new approach to increasing employee engagement, what should you be thinking about?

Consistency among leadership. One of the most powerful ways for employees to receive information around company goals and progress toward goals is through leadership. A clear, concise message that is delivered consistently across all departments is critical. A difference in tone or side comments can make a difference in how the message is received. Leaders should celebrate successes and share how the employees were connected to the outcome. This gives the group a sense of purpose and achievement.

Age matters. It is important that you take into consideration the different age groups in your organization and how each of them receive messaging. Communicating the same message across different mediums is important. While some generations prefer a meeting or face to face conversations others would rather receive a text or get updates through social media.

Be appreciative. Your employees are your greatest asset. The key to an engaged workforce is a leadership team that is great at giving credit to their employees. When we can help people understand how their actions have an impact on the product or service we create, they begin to feel like a part of something bigger. Everyone wants to feel like they make a difference; helping people understand how they do that each day can make a lasting impact on their performance and how much they are willing to give each day.

Show me. It is important to follow through on what you promise. Change is difficult. When new resources are provided or new processes implemented you need to have the courage to stick with the plan and see it through. A sure way to demotivate a workforce is to bring a consultant in, recognize that change is needed, communicate the change and then don’t follow through to make sure the change is managed and implemented properly.

Listen. Communication is a two-way street. What methods do you allow for your employees to give feedback or offer creative solutions? How is creativity celebrated and rewarded? When employees see their team members getting recognized for contributing to the success of the organization it will inspire them to do the same.

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