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Statistics show that the majority of Americans are concerned with their financial situation and finances are one of the top stressors for most people. Establishing and maintaining healthy spending and saving habits is as important to your well-being as proper nutrition and regular exercise. This challenge can help you practice good financial habits and get you on the path to finding financial wellness.

The challenge begins on Tuesday, February 17th and ends on March 24th, running for a total of 6 weeks.  

Challenge Goal:

The goal is to become aware of your finances, how you spend money and where. Next we look at different ways you can track and save money so it works for you long term.

Over the next six weeks you will learn what works for you and how you can:

  • Keep track of your total daily spending
  • Avoid using a credit card
  • Pay bills on time
  • Balance your checking account
  • Set aside money into a savings account
  • Set aside money into a retirement account
  • And MORE!

How this challenge works:

The six week challenge will introduce a new task every 2 weeks for you to learn about and incorporate into managing your finances.

Participants will complete the challenge on an individual basis. Employers have the option to offer internal challenges and possible prizes to employees for successfully completing each task.

Group challenge and prize suggestions will be provided at the beginning of each task.

The 3 tasks we will be focusing on over the next 6 weeks are:

  1. Tracking spending:
    •  becoming aware of how and where we spend money
  2. Reviewing our immediate savings , expenses and budget:
    •  changing how we spend money
  3. Learning about long-term savings options:
    •  learning how to create a financial strategy


This is an individual challenge. Participants are invited to register themselves and coworkers at once.

To register for the challenge and to receive your weekly tool kit  CLICK HERE.


Promote this challenge at the office – click here for the  Challenge Flyer