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Individual Health Insurance is Foreign Territory for Most People

So you need individual health insurance, but how and where do you get it? Will your new policy cover your favorite family doctor? What about short-term coverage during open enrollment? Does this short-term coverage meet all of the Affordable Care Act requirements? If not, you could end up with a tax penalty when filing.

The health insurance industry is full of legalities and terminology that is foreign to most people, but yet there are plenty of do-it-yourself programs out there. Put yourself in the place of someone asking for simple driving directions, but the person you ask speaks a foreign language. You would have no idea if you were receiving good information, or not. This is very similar to how the average American interprets health insurance plans. And, with huge amount of acronyms like HMO, PPO, and ACA, you could end up LOST.

There are clear benefits to working with an agency, or brokerage when purchasing health insurance. Working with a brokerage may give you access to better rates if that broker is part of a network of agencies, and work with a variety of different insurance providers. With an agency or brokerage you will have someone there to answer your questions, and recommend a health plan based on your individual needs. You will also have someone that can interpret tricky terminology, act as an advocate with your insurance provider should any unforeseen issues arise, and ensure that your policy meets all legal compliance standards.

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