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JA Counter Partners with Breathe For Another Smoking Cessation Clinic

JA Counter has been hosting Breathe Therapy smoking cessation clinics since February 2010. The next clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, February 3rd. A group presentation will be conducted in the morning followed by one-on-one scheduled laser treatment sessions on Thursday, February 5th. Contact Breathe directly for questions and to set up an appointment. To sign up for the clinic contact Breathe at (952) 546-5657.

Companies are turning to Breathe Therapy mainly because they see increases in productivity when employees quit smoking. If a person takes just three smoke breaks a day that amounts to 30 minutes every day in lost productivity for that employee. Other potential costs include; increased health and/or life insurance, more sick leave as well as other assorted maintenance costs.

The Breathe program has a one-time-fee policy. There are no extra charges to clients needing additional support for 3 months. Breathe wants to insure that their clients quit… and stay quit. With pills, patches, and gums, there is financial incentive to lengthen the withdrawal period and keep customers coming back to purchase more pills, patches, and gums.

One large Minneapolis based retailer found, of their initial group of staff going through the program, 74% were still quit six months after the treatment. Conservative estimates of savings to the company showed a 100% ROI within six weeks! After one year, they realized ongoing cost savings in excess of $5,000 per month, for a one-time investment of $8,000 spent on the program.


Companies are turning to a relatively new alternative to help cut costs, improve productivity, and bring a huge benefit to their staff… Breathe Therapy. The Breathe – Freedom from Nicotine program is a fresh approach to help people quit smoking and chewing tobacco. They have been making a significant impact, treating more than 6,000 people in Minnesota and Wisconsin since opening more than five years ago. Thousands of people with smoking and chewing habits have found it easier to give up tobacco thanks to this effective program.

There are several points that set Breathe Therapy apart from other smoking cessation programs; the main one is their success rate. While most quit programs that include gums, patches, or drugs often have a success rate of between 10% and 25%, Breathe Therapy’s success rate has been in excess of 70%! The Breathe Therapy program is pain free, drug free, and they have an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau.