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JA Counter proudly announces ROWE™ Certified Organization status

Uniquely differentiated with a focus on accountability and increasing productivity, while attracting and retaining top talent.

JA Counter is excited to announce it has been granted the status of ROWE™ Certified Organization by CultureRx®. ROWE™ stands for Results-Only Work Environment™ and is an innovative management style used by companies in the United States and the UK in which employees are evaluated strictly on performance, rather than merely maintaining a presence in an office or at a worksite.

“Our success at JA Counter is built on employees being passionate about their job, and we feel that ROWE™ is good fit with our culture,” said Deb Henke, operations manager at JA Counter. “As long as people can deliver on their goals and meet agreed upon targets we’re happy, whether they do it here at the office or from another location is irrelevant. The important thing is they work in collaboration with others and that we are succeeding.”

Jody Thompson, who created ROWE™ along with CultureRx® partner Cali Ressler, says retaining talent is one of several benefits ROWE™ organizations experience. Increased productivity also stems from employees gaining greater clarity on expectations, goals and performance measures, then being “trusted as working adults to make the best decisions” on the best way to achieve successful outcomes.

“For many organizations, the real foundational issue is that people are often not doing the hard work of getting clear about goals and measures. It’s up to employees and managers to have a two-way dialogue about expected results, then have objective measures put against them,” says Thompson. “Once an employee has that understanding of what they have to deliver, along with clear performance measures, it’s up to each employee to make decisions about how to meet those expectations over time. A ROWE™ is equal amounts of autonomy and accountability – a work platform where competent adults thrive.”

As a ROWE™ Certified Organization, JA Counter is formally recognized as adhering to the following standards:

  • Every meeting is optional. Being accountable for delivering results is not.
  • Period.
  • People are where they need to be, when they need to be there based on agreed-upon results and measures.
  • Managers address performance issues, not attendance and tardiness issues.
  • Core hours or schedules are not dictated by managers.
  • Vacation/time off is unlimited as long as results are achieved.
  • Every person is 100% autonomous and is expected to make the right decisions about how, when and where they work in order to achieve results.
  • Every person is 100% accountable to clear, measurable results
  • There are no flextime, telecommuting, or other 1990s flexibility policies in place.
  • There is no judgment about how you spend your time. People know what Sludge™ is and they actively use the established eradication strategies to keep it out of the workforce.
  • ROWE™ is not a program; when business gets tough ROWE™ is not something that is taken away.
  • The focus is always on clear, measurable expectations and managing performance.
  • Efficiency is rewarded with control over time (autonomy), not punished with piling on more work.
  • Non-performance is swiftly addressed. Continued non-performance means termination of employment.
  • Performance management and performance conversations are ongoing and not relegated to a quarterly, bi-annual or annual review process.
  • People never talk about how many hours they work.


About CultureRx®

CultureRx®, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides Results-Only Work Environment™ training, assessments, certifications, and keynote presentations on the 21st century workplace. Established in 2005 by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, they have presented to multiple Fortune 500 companies, have been featured on the covers of BusinessWeek, Workforce Management Magazine, HR Magazine, and HR Executive Magazine as well as in the New York Times, TIME Magazine, USA Today, and on Good Morning America, CNBC, MSNBC and CNN. Ressler and Thompson have authored two books, Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It and Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It. More information can be found at Results. Period.