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Since when did turning 65 become so…

Overwhelming? Stressful? Confusing? Maybe even, scary? We hear it all, every single day. Someone stops in because they are nearing the magic age of 65, and are totally perplexed. “My neighbor said I should do this,” or “My sister who lives in California says I should apply for this,” are common conversations had at our office.

So, what’s the deal anyway? The deal is this. Medicare does have the potential to be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. As people creep closer to retirement age, they are bombarded with information. They somehow get placed on the ever intrusive “list.” Companies know you are turning 65 soon, and they want all your business. Maybe it just started with the mail. Easy enough to avoid, right? Then it turns into phone calls…ok, it’s getting a little annoying! OR maybe a sales person (or two) has shown up at your door because they were “in the neighborhood” and wanted to share an exciting opportunity with you! Talk about solicitors!

What should a person do? Find a professional they can trust that lives and breathes this stuff every day. Someone that won’t be pushy, or make someone feel vulnerable or insecure about making a decision. Someone that will make you feel empowered, like you know what you’re doing and feel great about it. Those people exist. The trick is finding one that is a fit for you. So, ask around, see if someone you know or love knows someone like that. Then make the call.