What Do People Say About Transition Counts and The Individual Insurance Team?

“very attentive, very knowledgeable, and explained things quite clearly”

“helped me in every aspect of my decision making for a supplemental insurance to Medicare”

“very knowledgable”

“Remembered me. Listened to me and I think provided me with the best product available.”

“Rich was easy to work with, very informative, and made the whole process efficient and very pleasant.  We feel very confident that Rich got us the best coverage for us and didn’t try to over sell anything to us.  We worked with Rich because of his integrity and trustworthiness.”

“Great listening”

“Very informative and provided options.”

“She made all the choices for health care options clear and simple, for a very simple person, me.”

“very professional, thorough, and caring!”

“I felt like I was getting personalized service and attention”

“Rich listened to what I wanted and I received a great plan. I was worried about the process but Rich made it easy.”

“He was knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions and concerns. “

“First…she was empathetic, personable and a great listener!  She understood the uncertainty I felt with a transition from employment to retirement.  I was impressed with the knowledge she shared with me.  She had the phone number for the SS office, she knew I would have a lower deductible with Medicare and a supplement versus the other insurance and more.  Her level of expertise and the confidence she had in our conversations was very reassuring and helped me to make my final decision.”

“She was so knowledgeable and helpful, she made the whole experience pleasant and smooth.  She is awesome!!”

“Jessica had the facts.”

“Friendly, understanding and always has the answer or options”

“Jessica clearly explained the options available through companies and policies to choose from. She is courteous, professional, and well prepared.”

“She is thorough, fully attentive, and very personable.”

“Her knowledge and ability explain to the us the info that we needed to know so we could make decison.”

“Her friendliness, patience, and competence. An exceptional and very welcome combo.”

“Jessica had all the answers to our questions.  I believe she goes out of her way to find the best insurance for the price for your needs. “

“She took the time to explain the different plans so we could make a decision.”

“They ALL are experts and communicate their knowledge so easily”

“I’ve worked with Jessica a few times and have found her very knowledgeable on many topics, plus she is always very willing to fully carry through with information needed, phone calls, appointments – and always in a calm, super friendly way!”

“She went the extra step to make help us with our needs in such a warm and friendly, yet professional manner. “

“She took the time to thoroughly answer all our questions and made sure to include possible scenarios.  Also,  3rd party talked us thru a question from the insurance company.  Very pleasant, knowledgeable and approachable!”


What Does JA Counter Do Really Well?

“Staff is very knowledgeable and professional.  I appreciate that they provide me with strategic and tactical information/consulting.  Very proactive.  They are a great partner.”

JA Counter listens to concerns and responds to questions. They are knowledgeable in all benefits and are a great resource in assisting in all HR areas.

Always available with the most current information. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Everything!  I can always count on JA Counter for answers and assistance.

JA Counter is very knowledgeable in their field and are pro-active in their communication.

Communication is Great and someone is always available

Explain information in a more simplified way.

Very responsive and personalized service.  The information coming out of JA Counter/Alera during the COVID pandemic was incredible – timely, informative, relevant and presented in a way that was manageable.

Keeping me informed on critical forms to file with the gov.

Prompt responses to questions and going above and beyond

You do a fantastic job of staying up to date on pertinent information, especially through COVID-19.  I have been so impressed with the amount of resources you have made available to businesses and the valuable summaries you’ve provided us!

Follow up and communication

Very good communication through COVID-19. Excellent customer service.

Great communication- stays on top of HR changes and communicates well to clients.

Communication with clients, & keeping on top of all the HR issues.

Keeps a close pulse on changes that could affect decisions a business leader needs to be effective.    Will summarize detailed, data-rich, complex issues into “business-speak” so it is more easily consumed.

New to JA Counter with my current employer and your team always seem so engaged and happy to help with whatever/whenever needed.  You also are so quick to respond to any question.  If you do not know the answer…you find it!!

Communicate with real people comments and concern.  Updates are timely, informative and helpful.  Always quick to address any questions or concerns I have. Kudos!

– Stays on top of all current rules, regulations and issues.  – Good communications.

Personable and direct with options.


Healthcare Industry, 400+ Employees

Human Resource Professional

I am writing to recommend Linda Skoglund and her company, JA Counter, for benefits brokerage and HR consulting services with future prospective clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with JA Counter for the past six years that I’ve been with this organization and I’ve found the quality of their service to be exceptional.

Linda and her team have kept us informed of industry changes and helped us understand how they impact our operations and benefit offerings. They’ve sought to understand our company’s challenges and worked with carriers to offer us solutions that fit our needs. My team has always been happy with JA Counter’s attention to detail and prompt responses to our questions or concerns.

As a member of the Alera group, Linda has access to industry experts from across the country. The kind of service provided is above and beyond what I would expect from a broker. I also commend JA Counter for working to bring employers in the St. Croix valley together to form a professional and social network. While I’ve not always been able to take part in the networking and educational opportunities offered by JA Counter, I appreciate the effort Linda takes to plan them and I’ve always found the information presented to be informative and worthwhile.